One of our new partners who also own argenturer

Scenetek dealer, manufacturing and servicing professional lighting and stage equipment.

Depending on the individual task can Scenetek act as consultants or take on the whole job, from concept to final production.

Scenetek has multiple samarbejdsparnere example. a blacksmith shop with a large and very modern machine park with the possibility of CNC machining aluminum welding, etc.

Scenetek have competence in several areas:

Development and production of "special solutions" electronic as well as mechanical.

Installation, production and servicing of lighting equipment.

Neon indstallationer.

Motor control.

Production of scenography.



CAD Drawing

Production Management.

Tumi Management.

Endvidre dealer Scenetek several series of products include:

Coemar and Amptown moving lights

A.T.C truss


Verlinde cranes

Ecue lighting controls

Scenetek DMX split lists, motor controls and Harting connector boards.

Contact us and have a chat about your / your project and get a quote for your wishes.


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